Secure Online Payments

We use secure transaction payments provided and backed up by Stripe and PayPal’s secure online payment systems. Paying online is much safer than paying at a store due to the high encryption mechanism used during the process. Your payment details information are handled by PayPal and not provided to anyone else (not even to us) so there is no chance of your information being accessed by anyone during the process. PayPal encrypts all of your personal and financial information with their 128 bit (or higher) encryption to ensure the security of all transactions. All transactions are guaranteed 100% safe and secure.

Secured payments by debit or credit cards

You can pay for your order by using a debit or credit card (Visa, Eurocard, MasterCard, etc.) The payment is processed and handled entirely by authorized 3rd party company, such as PayPal, Stripe, Ingenico, etc. The payment process is entirely secure, it is done over a SSL(Secure Socket Layer) connection to effectively protect your personal data. We do not see or get a copy of your financial data.

For some payments, for example the ones done over PayPal, you will be taken over to PayPal’s website in order to finalize the payment transaction. At that time, the transaction is done outside of our website and is performed and processed entirely by PayPal. PayPal encrypts all information in a secure manner. In this case we, too, do not see or get a copy of your financial data.

The only information we get from the companies that process the financial transactions is your name and shipping details, as mentioned in the order confirmation sent to you after you place an order with us.